Hard Rock Products

Joy Lt 270

  Tramming capacity 2,722 kg
  Hydraulic breakout force lift 6,043 kg
  Hydraulic breakout force tilt 5,372 kg
  SAE breakout force 4,735 kg
  SAE static tipping load 9,662 kg
  Bucket 1.2 m3

Overall dimensions
  Height to top of canopy 1,895 mm
  Tramming length 6,365 mm
  Length: rear axle to bumper 2,288 mm
  Center hinge to rear axle 1,041 mm
  Center hinge to front axle 1,045 mm
  Reach 1,218 mm
  Height to top of hood 1,420 mm
  Height: ground clearance 163 mm
  Height: dump clearance 1,020 mm
  Height: bucket pin 2,034 mm
  Height: bucket raised 3,266 mm
  Width overall 1,514 mm
  Maximum width RF 1,422 mm
  Outside radius 4,374 mm
  Inside radius 4,374 mm
  Turn angle 37 degrees
  Dump angle 38 degrees
  Roll back angle 50 degrees
Joy RR-1MB

  Weight 16,545 kg
  Maximum width 2.06 m
  Turning radius Inside 4.19 m
  Turning radius Outside 6.48 m
  Turning angle 38º
  Boom guide rollover 360º
  Boom extension 1219 mm
  Feed extension 1.524 mm
  Boom coverage Height 6.07 m
  Boom coverage Width 5.69 m
  Drifter Montabert HC 50
  Tires 12.00 x 20
  Cable reel - type G-GC 76.2 m
Joy Dt 3004

  ROPS/FOPS canopies and cabins provide protection from falling rock or rollovers
  Fail-safe braking system features a spring-applied braking system that activates when low hydraulic oil pressure or electrical failures are detected
  Operation interlocks prevent accidental machine activation
  Three-point mounting and anti-slip steps minimize slips and falls
  Hot component isolation to prevent burns
  Rugged steel frame
  Choice of engines from Mercedes, and
  Cummins that are EPA and MSHA certified and feature clean emissions and class-leading fuel consumption
  MIL (military specification) components that meet international standards
  Heavy-duty all-mechanical powertrain featuring Dana components for a rugged platform and long service life; the powertrain, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, mean excellent maneuverability, faster ramp speeds, and a more comfortable ride
  Hydraulic systems with piston pumps
  Severe-duty electrical system
  Collet-style pins for lower wear and reduced maintenance
  Ground-level maintenance design to eliminate climbing
  Centralized lubrication system
  Simple electrical design
  Combines power and efficiency to provide fast tramming speeds and cycle times, with impressive breakout power
  Powertrain, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, means excellent maneuverability, faster ramp speeds, and a more comfortable ride for your operators
  Easy-to-use controls are simple to train and simple to operate
  Rugged structures and heavy-duty components increase equipment uptime
  FOPS/ROPS certified canopy
  FOPS/ROPS certified enclosed operator’s cab with air conditioning and/or heat
  Automated lubrication system
  Fire suppression system
  Reverse camera
Joy Lt 350

  Tramming capacity 3,636 kg
  Hydraulic breakout force lift 7,713 kg
  Hydraulic breakout force tilt 12,359 kg
  SAE breakout force 6,906 kg
  SAE static tipping load 14,530 kg Bucket 1.9 m3

Overall dimensions
  Height to top of canopy 2,023 mm
  Tramming length 7,519 mm
  Length: rear axle to bumper 2,439 mm
  Center hinge to rear axle 1,270 mm
  Center hinge to front axle 1,321 mm
  Reach 1,528 mm
  Height to top of hood 1,625 mm
  Height: ground clearance 190 mm
  Height: dump clearance 1,351 mm
  Height: bucket pin 2,476 mm
  Height: bucket raised 3,953 mm
  Width overall 1,629 mm
  Maximum width RF 1,575 mm
  Outside radius 5,721 mm
  Inside radius 3,571 mm
  Turn angle 33 degrees
  Dump angle 40 degrees
  Roll back angle 45 degrees
Joy DT-3504

  Standard payload 31,751 kg
  Standard box 17.4 m3

  Overall dimensions
  Width without dump box 2,988 mm
  Maximum width 3,023 mm
  Total length 10,271 mm
  Length with dump box lowered 10,907 mm
  Height at protective canopy* 2,581 mm
  Height at dump box* 2,438 mm
  Dump height* 5,278 mm
  Ground clearance* 325 mm
  Dump angle 70 degrees
  Approach angle 18%