Hard Rock Products

Joy CMM2

  Hole diameter 89 to 165 mm
  Hole length Up 50 m
  Hole length Down 183 m
  Rod diameter 73 to 165 mm
  Rod length 1.82 m
  Operating weight 7,031 kg
  Maximum pulldown/pullback 8,165 kg
  Maximum torque at stall 4.339 Nm
  Gradeability 36.4% 20 degrees

Key dimensions
  Total length: tower up 4.68 m
  Total length: tower down 4.10 m
  Operating width 1.278 m
  Height: tower down 2.56 m
  Tower raise height 0.58 m
  Mast radius 1.54 m
  Forward tilt maximum 15 degrees-18 degrees
  Tram height 1.99 m
Joy NV 1

  Automatic water monitoring with feed return if low pressure is encountered
  Auto return to start position after hole completion
  Control levers for operating percussion, rotation, and feed
  Jumbo hydraulics: load-sensing, closed-circuit design for percussion, rotation, feed, and boom movements
  General hydraulics: load-sensing, closed center circuit design for optimal efficiency
  Steering hydraulics: load-sensing, closed center circuit design; stick steering with direct-acting control valve and two double-acting steer cylinders
Joy DT 704

  ROPS/FOPS canopy provide protection from falling rock or rollovers
  Fail-safe braking system features a spring-applied braking system that activates when low hydraulic oil pressure or electrical failures are detected
  Operation interlocks prevent accidental machine activation
  Three-point mounting and anti-slip steps minimize slips and falls
  Hot component isolation to minimize burns
  Rugged steel frame
  Deutz engine is EPA and MSHA certified and feature clean emissions and class-leading fuel consumption
  MIL (military specification) components that meet international standards
  Heavy-duty all-mechanical powertrain featuring Dana components for a rugged platform and long service life; the powertrain, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, mean excellent maneuverability, faster ramp speeds, and a more comfortable ride
  Hydraulic systems with piston pumps
  Severe-duty electrical system
  Collet-style pins for lower wear and reduced maintenance
  Ground-level maintenance design to eliminate climbing
  Centralized lubrication system
  Simple electrical design
  Combines power and efficiency to provide fast tramming speeds and cycle times
  Powertrain, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, means excellent maneuverability, faster ramp speeds, and a more comfortable ride for your operators
  Easy-to-use controls are simple to train and simple to operate
  Rugged structures and heavy-duty components increase equipment uptime
  Fire suppression system
Joy Lt 70

  Rated load capacity 700 kg
  Standard bucket volume (heaped) 0.38 m3
  Operating weight 3,311 kg
  Maximum width 902 mm 2 ft
  Engine power 30 kW
  Torque converter N/A
  Transmission Hydrostatic
  Axles Industrial standard
  Tires 7.50 x 15 (bias)
  Fuel capacity 55.7 litres
Joy 16TD

  Standard payload 16,000 kg
  Standard box 8 m3

Overall dimensions
  Height: top of canopy 2,345 mm
  Tramming length 7,734 mm
  Height: top of dump box 2,066 mm
  Height: top of load 2,620 mm
  Height: dump box up 3,957 mm
  Length: front axle to center hinge 1,436 mm
  Length: rear axle to center hinge 2,216 mm
  Ground clearance 294 mm
  Length: dump clearance 738 mm
  Height: dump clearance 398 mm
  Width: maximum frame 2,318 mm
  Width: dump box 2,318 mm
  Turning angle 45 degrees
  Outside radius 6,022 mm
  Inside radius 3,087 mm
  Dump angle 70 degrees