“KMAruda Plant” JSC representatives of the Canadian “Mining Technologies International (MTI)” and its exclusive dealer in Russia “Balum Incorporated” visited the plant.


Source- http://www.tpp-inform.ru

MTI offers a wide range of the advanced underground equipment for the plant. In the design of a new mine the designing company “PetrGorProject” proposed a new ore transportation technology. The technology suggests using the  bottom discharge cars, discharge stations and locomotives. The introduction of such cars will eliminate the tipping method, which is used in today’s technology of ore delivery, and hence will reduce the discharge time. MTI equipment was proposed as one of the options. The representatives of the company came to the mine site to provide all the information on their equipment and to learn the local mining conditions. Together with specialists from the mine they went underground to the crashing-transferring plant of the shaft №3. By the end of May the mine management made their decision to use the MTI equipment for this project.

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