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The mobile equipment fleet of the mine “Yuzhniy” has three pieces of our equipment: two LHDs – TORO-151, LH-203 and underground truck DT-704. The latter was acquired last summer.

Purchase of any equipment is always a good event. The first step is to buy the equipment; the second step is to operate the equipment and to minimize the down-time.  
Underground truck is one of the items of a long list of mining equipment manufactured by the Canadian company «MTI».

DT-704 is the smallest underground truck in its class. The choice of this particular machine is not accidental - because the section of the mine " Yuzhniy " is also relatively small.

In august, after all the required technical procedures the machine was lowered underground through the shaft and put into operation. The machine passed the test-drive so the customer can appraise the novelty.

For the first week of operation “MTI” company sent their specialist, Wes Fowler, to the mine site to commission, inspect and troubleshoot the truck.

As explained by our specialists, the Canadian specialist, was pleased with what he saw, he fully appreciated the conditions of the operation and maintenance of the underground equipment, made ​​the necessary conclusions and provided ​​recommendations.

It should be noted that “Dalpolymetal” has the ongoing business relationship with the Canadian company. The management group of “Dalpolymetal” is planning to acquire the “MTI” jumbo for “Yuzhnyi” mine. Furthermore this company produces underground rail and trackless equipment, drilling steel and other drilling accessories.

Presence and guidance of the manufacturing company representative for the equipment commission period – is a common practice, which minimizes the risks for both, the customer and the seller.

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