To the goal

To the goal

It took about seven months to replenish the fleet of the mobile equipment of “Yuzhnyi” mine. In August, 2011, the mine acquired the third machine from MTI – it was the underground truck DT-704. Before this moment the mine had only two pieces of mobile equipment - LHDs TOPO-151 and LH-203

Purchasing of the mobile equipment is always a significant event. DT-704 was a long-expected event, as the productivity of the level +440m depends on this truck. The idea is simple – as the length of the tunnel extends – the length of the haulage distance extends, so it is economically feasible to use trucks instead of LHDs. Comparing to LHD the truck can deliver bigger load volume.

To optimize the operating modes of mobile equipment the mining engineers are planning to develop a rigorous schedule, which will inevitably minimize the downtime of loading and transportation equipment.

DT-704 is the smallest underground truck in its class. The choice of this particular machine is not accidental - because the section of the mine "Yuzhniy" is also relatively small.

With a total length of six and a quarter meters, the maximum width of DT-704 does not exceed one and a half meters, and the height of the canopy over the cabin - 2.085 m. With these dimensions and at the same time the possibility of carrying up to 7 tons of rock, this truck DT-704 becomes a unique mining machine for the conditions of the "Yuzhniy" mine.

These equipment is designed and manufactured in Canada, by the Canadian company MTI, which develops good business relationships with “Dalpolymetal” MMC. The current mobile equipment fleet of “Dalpolymetal” MMC consists of LHDs, trucks and drilling units manufactured in Europe. This is why the commissioning of the truck was performed with the attendance of a specialist from the Canadian company MTI. This is a common practice which helps to minimize the risks for both parties.

It should be noted that Canadian companies have succeeded in the production of mining equipment. They supply the equipment to the foreign markets for a long time and quite successfully, providing worthy competition with Swedish concern.

The administration and plants of MTI are located in the Sudbury (the main production) and in Nora Bay (production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders).

In addition to the mobile extraction-and-loading and transportation equipment MTI produces trackless and underground rail traction equipment, drill rods and drilling tools to machines for raise sinking, for the percussion-rotary and rotary drilling and blasting of various technological holes. MTI has an extensive network of service specialists and centers that monitor the quality of operation of the machines. MTI has branches in Canada, U.S.A and Mexico. In the rest of the world the MTI product is distributed by dealers.

The mobile equipment fleet of “Yuzhniy” mine  has three pieces of our equipment: two LHDs – TORO-151, LH-203 and underground truck DT-704. The latter was acquired last summer.

The information that Balum Inc. concluded a contract to supply the MTI truck DT-704 with "Dalpolimetal"MMC became the property of the mine engineering public and personnel of “Yuzhniy” mine in the late March, 2011. This news was reported in the magazine called "Mining". In addition, Balum Inc. provides engineering services for commissioning into operation and personnel training. Another important detail for successful collaboration - the existing warehouses and service centers of Balum Inc. in Russia. Balum inc. is planning to introduce the quite uncommon service - the industrial test-drive for the client. It means that the client has a chance to test the equipment at the mine site with further redemption.

Remembering the history of introduction of the mobile equipment at “Yuzhnyi” mine, it should be noted that for the first four years the used only one LHD TORO-151. It is worth saying that the mine operated the only one LHD very carefully, as it was supported by the strict personnel policy of the mine management and personnel assurance that the direction to mechanization will bring success.     

Today the mobile equipment operators still have conscientious attitude to their job. Hopefully this situation will not change, as the mine management is planning to develop the lower levels of the mine. Therefore economic security of the mine depends on the technical condition of the mobile equipment fleet of the mine.    

With the purchase of underground truck DT-704 "Dalpolimetal" became significantly closer to its goal.

According to the article by D. Kovalenko, in the newspaper of “Dalpolymetal MMC” JSC

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