Balum inc. is the exclusive dealer of such manufacturing plants like Joyglobal Hard Rock (Canada), Jacon Technologies (Australia) and Alpine (USA) in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Joyglobal Hard Rock (Canada) produces a full range of mining equipment for sinking vertical / horizontal tunnels and shafts, auxiliary equipment, locomotives, trolleys, various handling and hauling equipment used in underground development of ore deposits.

Jacon (Australia) manufactures equipment for shotcreting and concrete delivery, utility vehicles like UG bus, fuel and oil transportation, explosive transportation vehicles and various service machines.

Alpine (USA) manufactures tunneling machines for ore mining and tunnel construction.

Over the years our company supplies machinery and construction equipment to Russia. The worldwide experience and established links with our partners allow us to offer a wide range of machinery in shortest delivery time and at minimum prices. In addition to offering the machinery to the customer, we find suitable forms of delivery and payment. Our company values ​​ individuality of each customer and tries to make ideal offer which meets all the customer’s requirements.

Balum inc. has service bases with consignment stores in the territory of Russian Federation, where the buyer will be provided with equipment maintenance and repair services, spare parts and training courses.  A similar facility has been created in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After delivery of our equipment we provide 1 year or 2000-3000 hours of warranty for each piece of equipment. Also we provide spare parts, tools and accessories for the entire warranty period. We ensure operational supply of spare parts for the whole range of equipment, and also provide all kinds of warranty and post-warranty services.